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Restart update

Unfortunately it turns out that the upgrade to newer version of the server software is a real b*stard - what was planned for a single day of work, will take at least four, because every single page and every single function of the game needs to be retested again, otherwise we can learn the hard way what does not work once a user will stumble upon something that failed. And fixing a problem caused by that failure could be more time-consuming than to retest the whole thing.

Also Google, in its wisdom, was kind enough to change the rules of what is and is not welcome on gmail accounts, of course without noticing anyone nor explaining the new rules. So last week the registration process needed to be changed as well, because some of the activation codes were arriving with huge delays (hours long) and some never reached the inbox at all without clear indication why. It took two days to work out the solution to that problem :(

That is why the restart is postponed until Sunday, January 14th.

On the positive note the changes to interface are finished, the rework of training and match engine are more or less done, so the last element (auctions and scouting) should also be ready for Sunday.

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