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Bunch of changes

Bunch of changes were introduced to the game, including: - introduction of direct messages available in club details - player retirement age changed to various between players - introduction of icon on the squad list and status in the player data ...


Player parameters updates

During the break between seasons, apart from change of division structure and usual stuff, there was also change made to player parameters. While the new parameter was introduced (body weight), or rather displayed for the first time, the review of pl...


Season reset and plans for next season

On Tuesday we will have the last round of current season, between Wednesday and Sunday there will be changes made to game structure, which means some of the features might not be available. New season should start on 24th October 2022. New divisio...


Changes for upcoming season

Due to unforeseen circumstances (like sudden and unexpected flow of new users) we had to activate further divisions to facilitate them, which means in next season the structure of divisions will be slightly changed - instead of linear 3 division leag...


FUEL reaches 1.0 status

Rest of the changes for current season were uploaded to server, which include: 1. by clicking on the club name in division or fixtures you open the club info with current roster, past seasons records, recent matches, recent transfers and option to...


Two new staff members and new reports

Bunch of changes were just implemented into the game, slight interface tweaks, slight changes to match balance, but the most important one are new staff members and new reports. Now you can hire an accountant, who will give you additional reports ...


Account registration bug fixed

The bug that was causing in recent weeks problems with registration / activation have been finally fixed and now all new teams will be processed as they should have been. Sorry for the inconvenience....


Seaon 13 begins

Season 13, unlucky for some, begins tomorrow. Some of the options that were introduced close to end of previous season now are available in slightly improved versions, among them: - merchandise, where you can buy and sell team shirts, - improved...


Basketball online game

We are simulating basketball competition, in which your team will compete with others in league divisions and cup competition, in which you can be drawn against clubs from other divisions - that way you can meet opponents that are much stronger or much weaker than you.

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