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Season 15

Season 15 starts this week with two new competitions: local cups and inter cup.

The local cups matches will take place on Wednesdays each week, top 16 teams of previous seasons in each country or region will fight for the trophy in 4 weeks.

In inter cup the top 16 teams of previous seasons (6 champions, 6 runners up and 4 randomly selected teams from 3rd place) will face each other in week between 16th and 17th league rounds, each round will take place in 4 consecutive days, starting from Tuesday, 21st February 2023.

Another change is introduction of 2 preseason friendly matches round so the season would not end on Tuesday again.

First elements of tactics were introduced in past week, now renamed to "style of play" in player details, this week the team orders will be introduced to team selection interface.

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