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Bunch of changes

Bunch of changes were introduced to the game, including:
- introduction of direct messages available in club details
- player retirement age changed to various between players
- introduction of icon on the squad list and status in the player data signaling retirement at the end of the season
- introduction of icon on the squad list signaling player will leave team in next transfer window
- transfer status added to player details
- squad contracts list has added icon for transfer status
- introduction of contract page for player details, which allows to extend / terminate contract, change transfer status and move player between first and youth team (if under 19)
- options to place player on transfer list for sale or for exchange added to player details
- transfers history added to squad details
- transfers page split between free players, transfer market and talent pool
- recent and upcoming transfers lists added to transfers page
- option to send direct transfer offer added to club details (available via transfer status icon on the list of players)
- inbox for in-game messages split into inbox for direct messages, notifications, transfer offers and archive
- options to respond to transfer offers via inbox were added
- game news page was added

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We are simulating basketball competition, in which your team will compete with others in league divisions and cup competition, in which you can be drawn against clubs from other divisions - that way you can meet opponents that are much stronger or much weaker than you.

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