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Player parameters updates

During the break between seasons, apart from change of division structure and usual stuff, there was also change made to player parameters. While the new parameter was introduced (body weight), or rather displayed for the first time, the review of player data shown that the player generator had some flaws and the body weight attached to some players was disproportional to their height.

While guy with 170cm height and weight around 105kg could be cuddly, this would not make him a potential pro player, so the data had to be trimmed down - all of the players that were over- or underweight had their weight value brought to the values acceptable in their height brackets. But those changes also shown that some of the physical parameters were slightly off when compared to their weight.

So another update took place, because players with weight close to the max value for their height could have very high speed value, which would make them human torpedoes. In second update strength, jumping, agility and speed were adjusted to be more realistic - for overweight they were toned down, for underweight they were boosted a bit.

Third flaw was with the shooting skills - the generator did not used the brackets it was suppose to and there were examples of players who were great in 3-point shots, but bad in field goals, etc. The generator was upgraded, but the current data were not changed - new players will have the correct skills brackets, the old ones will just have to live with the parameters they have and cry themselves to sleep.

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