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Two new staff members and new reports

Bunch of changes were just implemented into the game, slight interface tweaks, slight changes to match balance, but the most important one are new staff members and new reports.

Now you can hire an accountant, who will give you additional reports about your finances, like balances from recent weeks or the structure of your costs and incomes.

Also you can hire a data analyst, who will give you two additional button in "my club" interface: analysis on team level and analysis on player level. Both of those reports show you simple graphs of few statistics from recent games so you could see progress your team has made or what was the weak point of your team in recent matches.

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We are simulating basketball competition, in which your team will compete with others in league divisions and cup competition, in which you can be drawn against clubs from other divisions - that way you can meet opponents that are much stronger or much weaker than you.

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