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Interface reworked and other stuff

Game interface was just reworked with mobile version finally patched up. The changes are not revolutionary, like putting My Club elements in separate boxes, adding visual presentation of top players in the divisions, different setting of match report, etc. but they gave the interface a better look, which will be important for new users.

Mobile version was reworked and, up to a point, game is fully playable on mobile devices, although some of the screens still look best in the horizontal setting (like training or statistics tables, which have many columns).

Two bugs were removed - one was causing overtime to be played even if the score was not drawn at the end of 4th quarter, the other was not showing player experience level in the details.

The interface will more or less remain in this form in near future, few new options will be added this season that will make the gameplay a bit better.

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We are simulating basketball competition, in which your team will compete with others in league divisions and cup competition, in which you can be drawn against clubs from other divisions - that way you can meet opponents that are much stronger or much weaker than you.

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