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Terms and conditions

Last update: 7th July 2022

General rules

  1. FUEL Basketball and other online services available in domain is operated by and is intelectual property of Frey United Software, Chlebnia Str. 48, 05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland (further called Provider),
  2. FUEL Basketball is a game / service provided fully via Internet without installing any software on the user device,
  3. service is available only to registered users that have accepted the Terms and Conditions of FUEL Basketball and Frey Account,
  4. terms and Conditions may change, they come into force from the date of their publication on FUEL Basketball website (,
  5. terms and conditions not listed in FUEL Basketball Terms and Conditions will be covered by Polish law.

Frey Account

  1. Frey Account is a single account that allows user access to all of the games and online services operated in domain.
  2. Registering Frey Account is free, requires providing of some data:
    1. user name,
    2. unique password,
    3. valid e-mail address (which will be used to activate account),
    4. public name used within the games (best practice is to not use your real name as public name),
    5. list of languages you speak (so other users would know while contacting you),
    6. your nationality (optional).
  3. We prefer to keep the one account per one user rule, which means it is forbidden to access more than one Frey Account by the same user. User that fails to stick to that rule can be removed from games and will lose all of the accounts involved.
  4. User is responsible for keeping his device safe, account accesss data safe, as well as the access to his browser if sign-in details are stored on the device. Any actions made by any person signed in to Frey Account we must treat as the actions of user himself.
  5. To close Frey Account user may contact us via contact form.
  6. Frey Account will be automatically suspended or closed in case owner does not access it for longer than 6 months.
  7. Closed Frey Account cannot be re-established, user will have to register new Frey Account.
  8. While Frey Account gives access to all basic features in every online service within domain some of the features may be limited or blocked in case penalty is imposed on user.
  9. Since Frey Account gives access to multiple online services the penalties imposed on user may affect his accounts in every game.
  10. Frey Account can't be sold or transferred to another user - in that case the account may be closed and users involved banned.

Premium features

  1. While access to our services is free, some of the features are available only to users that will gain Premium status.
  2. Premium status of the account can be achieved by making a PayPal payment for subscription service or by receiving prize from Provider.
  3. In case of our services being unavailable due to fault on the Provider side (f.e. maintenance operations, server downtime) the active Premium subscriptions will be extended to compensate Premium users.
  4. Premium subscription will automatically expire after the set subscription expiration date will pass and the access to Premium features will be blocked.
  5. Premium subscription is automatically expired in case of the account will being suspended or deleted.
  6. Some of the Premium features do not require Premium subcription, but can be used by gaining VIP points.
  7. VIP points can be achieved by making a PayPal payment or by receiving prize from Provider.
  8. VIP points have no expiration date, they are available until user will spend them within our services or his account will be suspended or deleted.
  9. In accordance with European Union laws user has right to resign from Premium account within 14 days of making the payment without giving any reason and his payment will be fully reimbursed only if he did not started to use his Premium account, after 14 days the transaction is final.
  10. Premium account user can be removed from the game without reimbursment for actions that will violate integrity of the our software, will interfere with the our server integrity or workflow, will violate Provider's rights (including copyrights) or their conduct within game will be offensive towards Provider or other users.

Limitations of access

  1. Any user can establish Frey Account and join any of the onlice services, but we reserve the right to refuse, limit or terminate access to any of the users.
  2. Every user is obliged to follow typical netiquette rules, which includes, but is not limited to:
    1. avoiding inflamatory or offensive language in communication with other users or in publications on forum,
    2. avoiding sending or posting messages that might be considered spam or a non in-game advertising,
    3. avoiding sending or posting messages that might be considered cyberbullying,
    4. avoiding sending or posting messages that might be considered repulsive or cause discomfort,
    5. respecting privacy of other users,
    6. avoiding gaining advantage by abusing potential bugs withing game software.
  3. In case of breaching netiquette rules Provider reserves right to limit or terminate access, in some cases ban users from accessing services in the future. In drastic cases matter might be forwarded to law enforcement authorities.
  4. Provider, in case of suspicion of breaking game rules or abuse of game software, reserves right to limit access to some features, like:
    1. ban to post messages on forum,
    2. ban to send messages to other users,
    3. ban to send offers to other users,
    4. ban to take part in in-game tournaments,
    5. in drastic cases ban to access basic game features.
    Decisions about penalties are taken by game administrators, users can appeal the decision - see Complaints.
  5. We reserve right to terminate access to particular game (not the Frey Account itself) if user is not active in that game for period longer than 21 days.
  6. We reserve right to terminate access to particular game (not the Frey Account itself) if user will not take part in any game activities in first 3 days after joining the game or will miss two consecutive match rounds.

Forbidden activities

  1. Following activities are forbidden within Frey Account and all the online services within domain:
    1. using more than one Frey Account by the same user,
    2. using more than one in-game account by the same user,
    3. making transfer deals significantly below or significantly above value of the player or accomodity (using Game Administrators ruling to determine if the value is within reason),
    4. any inflamatory, repulsive or offensive language within game,
    5. publishing any content within game that could be considered offensive, repulsive or forbidden by law,
    6. cyberbullying,
    7. annoying or disturbing activities, like spamming or harassing other users,
    8. using any part of the game for non-in-game advertising,
    9. taking advantage of errors within game software,
    10. any activities that may interfere with game software or server integrity,
    11. any activities that may lead to unauthorized access to data not available through game interface.
  2. Any user involved in the activities listed above can face limitations to access, termination of access to our services or banned from our services in the future.
  3. List of forbidden activities may change, according to situations that may arise.
  4. Users involved in activities considered by Provider as unfair advantage or abusive behaviour will face consequences even if the activity for which they are being punished was not present on the list above at the point in time when they were performing those activities.


  1. Any complaints or appeals concerning FUEL Basketball can be send to us using contact form.
  2. Complaints and appeals are dealt with within 14 days from the moment Provider will receive it.
  3. Answer to complaint or appeal will be delivered to user via e-mail.
  4. Only legitimate complains, in which Provider can be responsible for problems that might have arisen, can be grounds for in-game compensation or reimbursment.
  5. Appeals, in which penalty will be reversed do not automatically give user grounds for in-game compensation or reimbursment. Each case is considered individually.

GDPR and cookie files

  1. Apart from, in rare cases, e-mail addressess, we do not store user private data covered by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  2. Our website uses session cookie files only, that are required to provide access to FUEL Basketball service.
  3. We do not collect nor store any further informations within cookie files, although we do collect anonymous data for statistical or administrative purposes.
  4. If our policy in that area (GDPR or cookies) will change it will be reflected in updated FUEL Basketball privacy policy.

Technical issues

  1. FUEL Basketball software is running via Internet browser present on user device, thus no part of FUEL Basketball software needs to be installed on user device.
  2. Due to very passive characteristics of FUEL Basketball software the Provider cannot be held responsible for any damages or problems caused on user device while using FUEL Basketball services. FUEL Basketball software does not interfere with user device more than any website do.
  3. While FUEL Basketball is optimized for PC Firefox browser, the software is also tested on other major browsers, any incompability between Firefox and other browsers used by FUEL Basketball user (f.e. missing icons or any interface issues) cannot be used as a ground for complaint.
  4. Due to complicated nature of FUEL Basketball interface there could be small differences between options available on computer / tablet and mobile devices, also mobile interface could be updated in different frequency than computer / tablet interface.
  5. If any technical issues will arise with new version of browsers available Provider reserves up to 30 days to adapt FUEL Basketball software to new requirements.
  6. Since FUEL Basketball software is being improved all the time new versions of the software may cause temporary problems for users.
  7. In marginal cases FUEL Basketball software may cause partial damage to user game data.
  8. Provider is not responsible for data damage or loss caused by malfunction of user's browser, web access problems on user side, nor actions of other parties that may interfere with software or server integrity.

Basketball online game

FUEL Baskteball simulates basketball competition, in which your team will compete with others in league divisions for the championship title. Each week you will play 3 matches (on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), for each you can choose completely different lineup, according to current form and fitness level of your players. Each player is described using 10 skills and 9 character traits, from each match you will get a full statistics for each player, which will make it easier to make further decisions.

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