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Player data

Each player in FUEL Basketball is described using about 30 parameters, from age, height and weight, to his technical abilities and mental characteristics.

online fantasy basketball manager game players

Basic data

  • age - between 16 and 35, increased at the end of the season; players will automatically end their career once they reach the age of 36,
  • nationality - based on a country where player was born,
  • position - guard, forward or center, position right now is permanently assigned and player can only be used on his assigned position,
  • height - given in metric or imperial units,
  • weight - body weight in metric or imperial units,
  • contract - how many seasons player will play in current club, value 1 means that he will leave at the end of current season,
  • wages - wages paid at the end of the week (on Sunday).

Technical skills

  • free throws - how efficient the player is in free throws,
  • 2pt throws - how efficient the player is while trying to score field goals,
  • 3pt throws - how efficient the player is while making 3-point attempts,
  • handling - how well he controls a ball while he is in possession (similar to dexterity) in static situation, also used to determine how well he can make passes,
  • defence - how efficient the players is while defending against opponent in possession of the ball or how well he can block a player from being given a ball,
  • dribbling - how well does player control ball while in dynamic situation (running and dribbling),
  • strength - static physical strength, shows how athletic the player is,
  • agility - general agility, meaning how agile the player is (similar to nimbleness),
  • jumping - how high and how easy he can jump,
  • pace - how fast he is while running.

Mental and auxiliary parameters

Most of them you will see after player will spend some time in your team - it takes time to get to know people, mental skills and characteristics are not just visible on a first glance.

  • fitness - how fit to play he is (100% being the maximum value), tired player will not be able to use some of his potential (f.e. will not jump as high or not be as fast),
  • morale - how happy and motivated he feels, change could be caused by internal and external factors,
  • stamina - dynamic strength, for how long can he keep the same fitness level during the match (and f.e. pace and agility),
  • form - shows how well is he playing right now, comparing to his potential,
  • charisma - the trait of natural leader, someone who will be able to positively influence others, what decision will he make during match or in negotiations,
  • experience - increases with each match the player took part in, higher experience increases chances of f.e. intercepting ball, being better in defence,
  • reflex - general reflexes, meaning how fast does he react to events taking place on the court,
  • flair - how creative the players is in building offensive actions,
  • aggression - high aggression could cause higher numbers of fouls in the matches, but at the same time can improves the motivation of the player.


  • free throws
  • 2pt throws - field goals,
  • 3pt throws - 3-point throws,
  • assists - passes that lead to other player scoring points (but only if it leads directly to scoring a basket, without further dribbling, etc. by the scorer),
  • turnovers - pass that lead to interception by opponent, the pass that did not reach the receipient or mistake that lead to ball leaving the court,
  • steals - player managed to take the ball away from opponent,
  • interceptions - intercepted passes between opponents,
  • blocks - blocked shots of the opponent
  • rebounds
  • fouls - personal fauls

Basketball online game

FUEL Baskteball simulates basketball competition, in which your team will compete with others in league divisions for the championship title. Each week you will play 3 matches (on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), for each you can choose completely different lineup, according to current form and fitness level of your players. Each player is described using 10 skills and 9 character traits, from each match you will get a full statistics for each player, which will make it easier to make further decisions.

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