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My Club

You start your club from scratch, with 3 million pounds in account, group of players to begin with and small arena. Be advised that it does matter where you will create your team - selecting big city to build your arena could be beneficial when it comes to number of fans that will show up for matches, but at the same time could be more expensive.

online fantasy basketball manager game club

Once you create the team you will be assigned to lowest available division. You can change the team colours, select team logo from available icons, choose sponsors and (once you can afford it) build a bigger arena.

Club staff

You can hire staff members, who will help you keep your players in best form.

coach - will speed up progress of skill increase through training sessions,
physio - will keep up the player fitness,
accountant - will give you access to additional financial data,
data analyst - will give you access to additional analysis of your team and players,
scout - can be used to watch your opponents teams in order to gain informations about their players.

Contracts of staff members have no expiration date, they will work for you forever if you won't terminate their contract.

Basketball online game

FUEL Baskteball simulates basketball competition, in which your team will compete with others in league divisions for the championship title. Each week you will play 3 matches (on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), for each you can choose completely different lineup, according to current form and fitness level of your players. Each player is described using 10 skills and 9 character traits, from each match you will get a full statistics for each player, which will make it easier to make further decisions.

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