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Lineup selection

In FUEL Basketball you need at least 10 players to fill the squad, because you will choose two lineups for each match: main and secondary.

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Each lineup consists of two guards, two forwards and one center. Players can be selected only to a position that is assigned in their details, so you can't select guard to play as forward or center to play as guard. Also you cannot select a player to be part of both lineups or as a substitute - if player is already assigned to two positions his name will be highlighted in red.

Even though names suggest that main lineup should contain best players and those less skilled should be in secondary, there are no limitations - you have complete freedom in choosing which player will be in which lineup. This is linked to game plan setting (see below).

Also you can select up to 3 substitutes (one for each position), who will be used in case of injury. Substitutes are optional, if player is injured and there is no subtiture for his position player from other lineup will take over.

Below each player you will find basic stats and data about him, like points per game, blocks per game, rebounds per game, current fitness level, current form and current morale. Those marked in red signal that player does not feel well or is in poor form.

Starting fitness level of each player will be dropping during match if he is on court, so it is best to use those, who have best fitness level to begin with or use them in lineup that will spend less time on court (see Game plan below). Player with low fitness is unable to use full potential of his skills, f.e. they have less accuracy while taking shots or they are unable to jump as high to rebounds, etc.

Current form level signals that player does not use full potential of his skills due to mental fatigue or off-court reasons. Form does not change during the match, it is something that changes during training sessions, so once a week.

Current morale level signals that player is unhappy or not fully committed to match due to on- or off-court reasons. Morale can change slightly during the match, f.e. if team puts up a great performance, but overall level stays the same. Morale changes during training sessions, so once a week.

Game plan

Game plan is tactical decision for match - after you choose your main and secondary lineup here you choose which one will be used in which quarter. Lineups are used exclusively throughout quarter, there is no way to use them both in same quarter.

While main lineup logically should be starting lineup, there are no limitations - you have complete freedom to choose how many quarters each lineup will be on court. You can even choose to use only a single lineup throughout whole match, but it is not advised, since the loss of fitness will be huge in the last quarter.

Default lineup

While you can choose separate lineups and game plan for each match it is wise to store one of them as default lineup, which will be used in any match that you did not selected particular lineup for. You can change default lineup any time you want by selecting checkbox at the end of lineup selection page.

Basketball online game

FUEL Baskteball simulates basketball competition, in which your team will compete with others in league divisions for the championship title. Each week you will play 3 matches (on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), for each you can choose completely different lineup, according to current form and fitness level of your players. Each player is described using 10 skills and 9 character traits, from each match you will get a full statistics for each player, which will make it easier to make further decisions.

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