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Season reset and plans for next season

On Tuesday we will have the last round of current season, between Wednesday and Sunday there will be changes made to game structure, which means some of the features might not be available. New season should start on 24th October 2022.

New divisions structure:
1. Countries with 8 users or more will get their national leagues (right now it’s Italy, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Turkey).
2. Users from those 5 countries can opt-out of the national league and join regional league (European) or the global league.
3. Users from countries will less than 8 users can choose to join regional league (European, South American, etc.) or the global league.
4. Each league is separate entity, there is no hierarchy between them (champion of Italy is on the same level as champion of regional or global division).
5. All divisions will have (at the end) same structure: one 1st division, two 2nd divisions and four 3rd divisions with 2 top team promoted and 4 teams relegated at the end of the season.
6. If the number of players from some country will reach 8 additional national leagues will be created and managers can choose to move to their national league - everything will be done between seasons to avoid chaos.
7. If new manager joins and his national league in full he will have to join either regional or global division until there will be free slot in his national league.
8. To avoid chaos new managers will always join the lowest available division, those vacated in higher divisions will be given AI manager. If there will be any change in that rule it will take place between seasons.
9. In future one exception from rules above will be NABA - American league that will play according to rules similar to NBA, without promotions or relegations.
10. There are no plans to ever have 4th division level - you should never be further from fighting for championship title than 2 good seasons away.

Each national, regional and global league will be able to store 84 teams, if all of them are full this would mean it’s 22nd century already and it isn’t my problem anymore.

Rest of the plans for upcoming season:
- forum will gain "rooms" for languages with most users (right now Italian, Greek, Spanish, Lithuanian, Turkish, and Romanian),
- cup competitions for most of the leagues (except USA and those with less than 16 users),
- national teams run by AI managers and playing friendlies (just to begin their activity),
- better scouting options linked to additional tactical options,
- additional income sources,
- semi-random club events,
- more team and player statistics,
- more team analysis,
- MVP lists for season.

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We are simulating basketball competition, in which your team will compete with others in league divisions and cup competition, in which you can be drawn against clubs from other divisions - that way you can meet opponents that are much stronger or much weaker than you.

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