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Changes for upcoming season

Due to unforeseen circumstances (like sudden and unexpected flow of new users) we had to activate further divisions to facilitate them, which means in next season the structure of divisions will be slightly changed - instead of linear 3 division league we will have to adapt to pyramid format with singe 1st division, two 2nd divisions and four 3rd divisions.

This will mean that 4 teams will be relegated from each division and 2 will be promoted from divisions below. It will be temporary solution, if the number of players will decrease we will return to previous rules.

Also planned cup competition will be slightly different - instead of 32 teams it will facilitate 64, so most of the teams could participate. The details will be revealed at the beginning of next season.

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We are simulating basketball competition, in which your team will compete with others in league divisions and cup competition, in which you can be drawn against clubs from other divisions - that way you can meet opponents that are much stronger or much weaker than you.

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